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Grief & Trauma Support

At CHH, we offer a variety of support sessions to assist with grief and trauma. 

What is Traumatic Grief?

Current literature recognizes traumatic grief as:  the death of a baby or child, violent death, suicide, homicide, untimely deaths.

The model used is a framework based in the art of full presence. ATTEND (attunement, trust, therapeutic touch, egalitarianism, nuance, and death education) is a mindful and evidence-based, culturally sensitive paradigm for compassionate care to the traumatically bereaved which does not pathologize grief. (1)  This model has been shown to reduce depressive, anxious, and trauma symptomatology in both clients and clinicians.

(1) (Thieleman & Cacciatore, 2013; Cacciatore, 2010; Cacciatore & Flint, 2011; Cacciatore & Thieleman, 2012; Thieleman & Cacciatore, 2014). 

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