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Are You Ready For A Change?

I believe there comes a time in every woman's life, when she hears a whisper from deep within - a whisper that grows louder and louder. It is the whisper of the soul - aching to be heard and understood.

If you are ready to commit to deeper soulful exploration, this is an opportunity for you to uncover emotional, spiritual and physical blocks that may be hindering your ability to speak and live your full truth.

This unique series invites you on a transformative path to uncovering your authentic self. It integrates powerful tools that takes the client to a deeper level of self discovery - a place where you can work on re-framing subconscious beliefs with loving kindness and self-compassion. It also incorporates interactive guided visualization to help you create greater balance and harmony in your life.

1:1 Intensive Program

The Clarity Soul Coaching Program is uniquely different and effective.   The program includes (6) 60 minute sessions where you will work 1:1 with a professional who will guide you through specific steps to jump-start your wellness journey.  You will receive printable worksheets with daily journal exercises, affirmations, meditations, mindfulness exercise and health information.  This program requires daily self-reflection journaling & implementation of self-care strategies to be completed outside of each coaching session.  

Additional sessions can be added after you have completed the initial program if desired.  We offer a variety of follow-up sessions to help you maintain the progress you have made.  A frequent option clients utilize is the "Weekly Friday Check-In".  This is a specialty package where you do a 30 minute check-in by phone or online with your Clarity Coach for a designated number of weeks following the core program.  Helping you achieve and maintain your progress is important to us!

Core Program Sessions available at our office in Mesa, Arizona.
Phone and Online Virtual Sessions also available.

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You are important and you matter.

Your voice matters.

Your feelings matter.

Your story matters.

Your life matters.


- Author Unknown