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Why should I try
Clarity Stress Reduction Coaching?

Chronic Stress

Relationship Problems

Chronic Illness

Workplace Stress

Retirement Issues

We believe in providing people powerful tools they can use throughout their lives. Ideally, it is great to have tools that can be used before stress takes an ugly hold and spirals into unhealthy habits, addictions and serious illness, but we are often caught off guard.  You may find yourself facing life events that seem impossible to prepare for:  serious illness, financial changes, retirement, relationship problems, an unexpected death in the family, career change or workplace stress.  Learning solid stress management strategies gives you the chance to maintain wellness as you wade through even the biggest challenges.

Prevention is Key

Too often, healthcare professionals see people when physical and emotional damage has already taken a heavy toll.  An emergency room visit is frequently a time when people realize they must take better care of their emotional and physical health - IF it's not too late. Heart attacks, stroke, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, and fear, are only a few of the problems that bring people to hospitals and primary care offices.  

Positive states of mind bring positive experiences.  Conversely, a repetitive focus on negative events, fears, doubts, troubles, and concerns can rob us of being able to see, appreciate and experience the truly positive gifts of daily life.  This is easier "said" than "done".  Very often, people have not learned strategic stress reduction techniques early in life.  Whether you want to learn new tools for the future or currently find yourself "in too deep with stress" - Clarity Stress Reduction tools can help you move your life into greater balance.

Clarity Stress Reduction Benefits

  • identify triggers
  • identify and explore practices for reducing stress
  • develop healthy coping skills and ways to reduce stress
  • develop strategies for dealing with occupational stress
  • improve physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • alleviate pain created by insurmountable life challenges
  • rediscover serenity, love, contentment, peace, and joy

You will meet with a Holistic Registered Nurse who is also a Certified Stress Management Coach with extensive training in Critical Incident Stress Management and mental health nursing. Sessions focus on identifying struggles which may present in the form of: problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and/or somatic responses (sensations in the body). 

Individual sessions help clients resolve barriers that interfere with positive feelings of joy, peace, love, and compassion. If you are facing family or job stress, health issues, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, or domestic violence, you will find Clarity Stress Reduction sessions to be highly effective, providing solid strategies that can be used for a lifetime.  You will probably find yourself sharing this new information with others!

Why Stress Reduction Coaching?

The coaching model is truly straight-forward and problem/solution oriented.  You are able to get to the heart of the issue quickly and develop an action plan that is individualized to your particular situation. People learn powerful strategies and complementary healing modalities they previously, knew little about.