Clarity Holistic Health

Compassionate Care for Mind, Body and Spirit

Why Choose Clarity Holistic Health?

At Clarity Holistic Health, we work with individuals who have a wide variety of health concerns.  Many are trying to navigate life following a new health crisis or a traumatic loss and they find themselves ready to explore holistic healing modalities.  

We do not prescribe medications, but we will collaborate with your primary medical team at your request, to find integrative health options to reduce suffering.  Through guided imagery/hypnosis, compassionate grief support, holistic stress management coaching, mindfulness meditation, relaxation techniques, Yoga Nidra and the use of essential oils, we develop a holistic plan that fits your individual needs.

We assist those who are preparing for surgery, undergoing chemotherapy/radiation, dental procedures or other medical interventions - situations that can challenge even the strongest individuals.  Fear of pain or having a panic attack are commonly expressed concerns and the use of guided imagery/hypnosis is one area that is proving to be highly beneficial.

There may be both sorrow and anger about a new diagnosis of cancer, cardiac disease, decreased mobility, or decreased stamina. Post-surgical healing time is also essential.  Getting back to your "old self" or a "new normal" is sometimes complicated.  The incredible amount of worry and sadness can be debilitating and rob a person of strength they desperately need for the healing process.  We know from clinical studies, that anxiety can impact pain levels, prolong recovery time, and compromise the immune system.  Integrative healthcare options are steadily helping people recover quicker and with fewer complications.

Through our grief support services, private sessions, support groups and classes, you have the opportunity to get the compassionate support you deserve.  Perhaps you have experienced the death of a spouse, partner, child, friend, colleague or other family member.  Experiencing the heaviness of grief challenges all.  Grief transforms us. It changes how we live our lives. There is no way around it.  

The field of grief and bereavement has undergone transformational change.  There is no 'one-size-fits-all' model or approach to grief.  Our compassionate, mindfulness-based grief support groups, classes and private sessions, allow you to learn healthy coping strategies - ways to integrate the reality of loss into your current life. While there are no shortcuts, there are things that can help. 


Addressing the needs of mind, body and spirit is what we do and we look forward to sharing the wonderful pathways to better health, with you.