Clarity Holistic Health

Compassionate Care for Mind, Body and Spirit

At Clarity Holistic Health, we believe access to healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  We believe in client-centered and client-focused care where all are treated with dignity, respect, compassion and courtesy. Complementary and alternative healthcare has never been more popular. According to the NIH (National Institute of Health, more than 30 percent of American adults and about 12 percent of children report using complementary and alternative healthcare modalities.  We collaborate with your primary physician, per your request, to develop a comprehensive healthcare plan to meet your specific individual needs. 

Many people think that complementary healthcare is used only when traditional treatments fail or are inadequate.  Those times have changed and more and more leading hospitals and clinics throughout the world, are actively using these beneficial health strategies alongside traditional treatments.  

Understanding the different options you have can be confusing. That's where we can help. Through consultation with an experienced Registered Nurse Health Educator, you will be able to learn critical facts about the multitude of available healthcare options.  Located in the beautiful desert southwest, you have access to a variety of complementary healthcare modalities, along with a professional referral network for additional specialty services.